Video Projection Designblok 2009

0 model in collection
video, 2:45 minutes, 2009

Collection DNB AW 09-10 is a counterpart of the DNB S/S 09 collection.

My work was governed by the principle not to mix the masculine
and feminine elements within one piece of garment. I worked with
non-homogenous structures of material and I used patterns and prints,
as well as multicoloured fabrics.

What i applied in the collection was the method of contrasts,
such as lose versus tight and natural versus hi-tech materials.

Hand made boots are also designed by DNB.

1 - 6 exposing the model
video (6x), 2009

We addressed six fashion models.

The task we turned to them with was:
attempt to find such a situation you would wish to have staged
and recorded.

Those situations represented the basis for the choice of outfits
and composition of shooting.

The environment and the images were not edited in any manner.

Apart from staging the framework of recoding and shooting
no other instructions and restrictions were imposed.

1 Kateřina Smilková, 0:15 minutes
2 Barbora Nosková, 0:42 minutes
3 Ema Müllerová, 3:02 minutes
4 Olo, 2:55 minutes
5 Iva Frühlingová, 0:39 minutes
6 Hana Křížová, 1:09 minutes

Realised by:
Denisa Nová, David Kořínek, David Landa, Karin Zadrick,
Martina Jarolímová, Yvet Kroupová, Marek Meduna, Eva Špidlová

© Fashion and accessories design by Denisa Nova