Sketches 1), 2010

„Dance through the Silence“ represents the second exhibition project
of Karin Zadrick and Denisa Nová.

This art project originated as entirely unplanned, upon an impulse
by the designer, Denisa Nová, asking the photographer Karin Zadrick
to reflect upon and to photograph part of the DNB collection.

Clothes, their design and the manner in which they are perceived
by their author - the designer - made the photographer to get involved.
She was unable to disengage and she projected her visionary approach
towards the outfits in the course of the outdoor photo shooting session.
The session in itself was largely impulsive.

The material that came to life in January 2010 represents a fraction
of an almost a decade long continual cooperation between the designer
and the photographer.

Apart from the outfits designed from December 2009 to January 2010,
the project was also inspired by mutual communication between
the designer and the photographer, that preceded the outdoor photo
shooting session.

All of those involved, the designer, the photographer and the model,
felt that the unplanned photographic performance with no attending
audience represented a very intense experience. They were able
to express themselves naturally, and yet to engrave themselves
into the very nature of the project, both through their occupation
and artistic profession and through their femininity.

Denisa Nová and Karin Zadrick decided to share the final project
with public audience in order to gain an opportunity to observe how
their lasting relationship of a designer and a photographer has
developed into a balanced, equal and mutually dependent
and enriching continuous act of creation of two people, two women,
two artists.

They decided to share who they have been, to share their professional,
feminine selves as well as to share themselves as authors who express
themselves mostly in a non-verbal way - through visual outputs.
Since whatever it is, that represents their artistic unity and cooperation,
they do not wish to be verbalized in words and yet they cannot refrain
from expressing and vocalizing it.

Both authors agreed on presenting their project in form of a catalogue.
A catalogue through its intimacy and its opportunity of both visual
and tactile contact corresponds with the resulting form and nature project.
It is the medium of a catalogue that enables everyone who finds
the exhibition, the outfit, their design and their images captured within
the photographs interesting to find and discover in their own time
and space their own relationship with the artists and their works.

(note: the dance with the silence was performed by the photographer
Karin Zadrick and the fashion model Olo.... the photo shooting session
having been completed the black dead birds were removed by
the designer, Denisa Nová, the photographer Karin Zadrick, the fashion
model Olo and two local ladies from the adjacent building clad
in oversized coats with padded shoulders.)

There are many other projects that remain unpublished.

1973, Denisa Nová
1975, Karin Zadrick

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© Fashion and accessories design by Denisa Nova