Collection Zero, 2010

The exhibition represents the “No Title” project. The Collection
originated as Collection Zero and is not restricted or determined
by time specifications.

It is neither a seasonal nor a retrospective one.

The collection is inspired by history of fashion and clothing
with perfect tailoring. It represents outfits purely contemporary
and aims at futuristic perception of fashion through its final
and complex concept.

The eleven iconic pieces have been chosen as their nature
is not only determined by the fact they historically rank among
fundamental artifacts of both fashion collections and women’s
wardrobe but also by the intensity through which they inspire
both the wearer and the designer.

The choice of the above-mentioned items enabled me to pursue
new terminology to express the relationship between human
personality and its own identity on one side and clothes on the other.

Collection Zero was first presented at Expo, Shanghai 2010
and a traditional fashion show does not seem to be suitable form
of presentation. I wish to offer the audience an opportunity to see it
in relation to their own (or any other) personality as something
elementary, unaffected by time in its substance, as pieces
unrestricted by human body and equally not restricting the body.

Denisa Nová, 1973

The photographs I have chosen represent sketches of a project
by Denisa Nová titled Collection Zero. At work I always find inspiration
in real life stories, stories free of theatrical and artificial properties,
in moral aspects of life, in the pursuit of a deeper, less superficial

I attempt to capture imperfection in all its uniqueness, to capture
the resonance of the feeling balancing on the very edge of beauty,
to capture the ambiguous perception of beauty.

I believe one should come to terms with oneself and this should
happen with no illusion, whilst such illusions are so often
and so aggressively being pushed on us by the world of fashion.

The concept of feminine carnality and feminine beauty cannot be
restricted to a mere art of beautification, to design. While aware
of the slight idealistic undercurrent I wish to impose the rule
of consciousness.

I have opted for these very images as I personally find them
sufficiently legible even without this commentary. What matters
in them is the expression.

My recent and current works have been increasingly reflecting
my divergence from design photography as such. This divergence
results in the photographs being impersonal and yet deeply intimate.

Time and experience have been leading me in a very natural manner,
in a direction heading away from perfection. Perfection impairs
beautiful and imperfect reality.

Karin Zadrick, 1975

Denisa Nová has been working with Karin on long term basis.

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© Fashion and accessories design by Denisa Nova