Denisa Nova, 1973, The Czech Republic


2008-2010 Faculty of Multimedia Communication, T. Bata University,
Zlin, Department of Art - Clothing, M.A. Degree

1995-1998 Faculty of Textile, University of Liberec,
Department of Art - Clothing, BA Degree


Fashion Internship:

June 2004, UK, London (Creating Partnerships between Central Europe
and the UK), international fashion workshop


Competitions & Awards:

2012, 2011, 2009 Editors Award, Designblok, Prague

2000, 2006 Fashion Designer of the Year, Prague Fashion Week

2006 Czech Grand Design ? Fashion Designer, Prague


Professional Experience:

since 2012 lecturer in Textile Stylistics at the Textile Faculty, Technical University, Liberec

2003 fashion studio opened in the city of Prague, The Czech Republic

1999 fashion studio opened in the city of Brno, The Czech Republic

1999 DNB brand founded, established, managed and operated

- design and development of women's wear collections complemented
by collections of accessories and footwear



2010 Light Dress, New Stage of the National Theatre, Prague

2009 Collection Zero, Centre of Contemporary Art Dox, Prague

2009 Dance Through Silence, LR studio, Prague


Exhibitions & Fashion Shows

2018 A/W 2018 - 2019 /DNB fashion show/ - MBPFW FW18, 17.3. 2018, Clam-Gallas palace

2017 Nablízko, Denisa Nová/ZORYA - performance, 27.11. 2017, KVALITÁŘ

2016 Denisa Nová /DNB performance/, Galerie u Betlemské kaple, 12. 10. 2016

2016 A/W 2016 - 2017 /DNB fashion show/ - MBPFW FW16, 17.3. 2016, Strahov

2015 Denisa Nová A/W 2015 /DNB exhibition/ - 2016, WHITE BOX - GASK Kutná Hora, 11.10. 2015 - 13. 2. 2016, Kutná Hora

2015 S/S 2016 /DNB fashion show/ - MBPFW SS16, 6.9. 2015, Štvanice

2015 A/W 2015 - 2016 /DNB fashion show/ - MBPFW FW15, 23.3. 2015, ZIBA

2014 Blushing: the Skin's Own Breath, exhibition, Denisa Nová, Karin Zadrick & Klára Dvořáková, Hall of the Multifunctional auditorium Gong, Ostrava

2014 Teaser MBPFW, show, DOX Centre for contemporary art, Prague

2012 Denisa Nova & Liběna Rochová, exhibition in Clam-Gallas Palace, Designblok, Prague

2011 Evolution through Virus, show, Orange Fashion, Bratislava

2011 Not Fashion Alone: Contamporary Fashion from Centram Europe, show, Orangery of the Wilanow Palace Museum, Varsaw

2010 Collection Zero, exhibition, Denisa Nová & Karin Zadrick, DOX Centre for contamporary art, Prague

2010 Expo 2010, Shanghai

2006 Vendome Luxury, promotional exhibition, Paris Fashion Week

2006 Milk Studios, New York

2005 Austrian Fashion Week, Kunsthallle Wien

2003, 2004 Young Talents, exhibition and fashion show,
CPD Düsseldorf


Designs and Items Acquired by Museums

National Industry and Applied Art Museum, Prague

Moravian Gallery, Brno, The Czech Republic

North Bohemian Museum, Liberec, The Czech Republic

© Fashion and accessories design by Denisa Nova