S/S 17

The clothes is a way to express an emotion/ a feeling.

Therefore the collection is not subject to commercial trends. I am searching for timelessness in every moment of my creative work.

I often let the material to lead me, and the final form is subordinated by it.

I like natural materials, the silk is soaked and washed before the production, and it becomes ?droopy?. The material treated this way actuates feeling of  melancholy.

When moves,  it becomes sensual and generous..

High quality, the purity of processing and very often a hand-made detail is a necessity.

Collection S/S 2017 is nearly all in the colour of sand or human skin. Complimentary colours are turquoise, lime and black.

The collection is quite simple in terms of cuts, some constructions are almost basic. Others more complex in a subtle way in order to find and emphasise the certain body line.

The final shape of the outfits is often set by the accessories.  Especially belts of different widths radically change the character of the individual pieces.

Finally , the tension is created by strong detail, very often nearly disturbing -

such as the material structure or deer leather mosaic, used for the blazers and jackets.


Denisa Nová



BoysPlayNice DNB S/S 2017


A picture scene is not a theatre of fashion.

It is very simple, more a portrait-like.

The white canvas dims the surrounding environment, the background silently communicates with the clothing.

The atmosphere is completed by traces of wind and rain.

The movement of the air is carried by the fabrics, while the movement of the breath by the dress.

The static photographs are in contrast with the photographs simulating the emotion of movement. They create a rhythm of diptychs and triptychs.

They observe the same moments from many various angles.

An obsessive look, almost a stare, examining the forms, colours and strong details are dismissed by a moment of movement. Dominant moments surrender to refine lines, exposing the possibilities of material, the clothing expression.



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© Fashion and accessories design by Denisa Nova