I have been interested in icons for about 9 years. Initially they were the pieces of clothing which I consider relevant for the 20th century.

Later,  I started to seek my personal icons. In my own design archive and in my memory. They are items and accessories that have accompanied

me and my loved ones throughout our lives.  Untouched by time, I can come back to them whenever I please. I have been repeatedly including them

in my collections, sometimes in a more abstract form. They can be for men or women. Often they are symbolic by colour, by the intensity of the emotion

connected to its original carrier/wearer, or to a certain period of time. I don?t change the form, leaving the original or I reconstruct it.

A neutral, familiar shape, nothing new, but still immensely powerful. I seek the strongest colour. The design becomes contemporary due to its context,

the way of application, combinations and new function.




Denisa Nová



© Fashion and accessories design by Denisa Nova